To imagine lighting and to turn that vision into reality using original ideas and sustainable principles.

Recent projects

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Creek Elevation

Creek Elevation
Exterior illumination

Liffey Bridges

Liffey Bridges
Urban lighting

Gençlik Park

Gençlik Park
Landscape lighting

Lighting services

Our office provides consultancy services for clients looking for the added value lighting can offer. Architects, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, curators & engineers are among those who will profit most from our style and know-how.


Urban lighting is more than an infrastructure used to secure the levels required by regulations.     Light is a vital element to produce beauty. Our practice is based on the idea that the city must produce a pleasurable experience for its citizens and that the night is a perfect moment to achieve this goal through a thoughtful and sensitive use of artificial light.                         Beauty & Efficiency.


Either for indoor or for outdoor use, lighting is an important element for architecture; needless to say that it helps define visually the boundaries of the spaces created. Lighting also provides not only the function but the joy. Our approach is very much intertwined with the work of the architect or the interior designer and it goes beyond  the simple fact of addressing technical matters, but to take care of the way spaces will look to people.


Lighting as a tool to redefine the appearance of a landscape is an art by itself; man made natural spaces requires and a great deal of sensibility for working with the living. Our role is to look into ways to transform the perception of places where vegetal and mineral elements are the focal point. Light adds meaning and magic to elements that otherwise would become mere silhouettes against the background of yellowish street lighting.